Friday, August 10, 2012

Final Friday of 2012 Summer!!

I can't believe school starts Monday.  We say/hear it all the time but seriously-where did summer go?!

Technically school doesn't start for me until Wednesday - lucky job sharing ;) but I was a little emotional today about it being our last day of summer together.   The kids and I all have a cold and just hung out, cooking and watching movies, painting, playing.  Beckett only went to time out once so I'd say that was a good day.  

After I cleaned up my tears I realized that in fact my summer is not ending- oh no the fun is just beginning....I still get to be home with my amazing kiddos every Monday and Tuesday for at least the next 12 months and every other Wednesday for at least the next 12 months! Yay for trips and CMoR and germy places!!!

and pause here because someone is screaming from their room...

I am so fortunate to have a husband and parents who support me (just enough) to stay home and work.  

I was feeling guilty around fuse was just short and I'll say it again for the thousandth time but I am just SO tired....I was being snappy with Neal about ridiculous things like remotes and not saying bless you when I sneezed.  I just tried to brush it off, be quiet and not say anything.  Better to keep my mouth shut than open and running. ;) 

After Neal put Beckett to sleep and I put Emerson to sleep he came down to the kitchen with tears in his eyes and said...I really love you and I'm so glad we have stayed together for so long. I wouldn't be here without you and you are everything to me.  To which I responded back with tears and I'm so sorry I am a brat I am just so tired and I have to take out my frustrations on you! Ha. Poor Nealy...I am trying to be more positive and say kinder words.  Key word-trying ;)  But, I love my Nealy and really couldn't ask for a better husband and father to our kids. 

On another note...this is for you B.  You made me laugh today A TON but these 2 things stood out. 

*You took Gracie's dog toy from her mouth and said NO NO NO I do it Gacie and you attempted to reenact her playing with her toy including growling, slobbering and head shaking. Then you gave it back to her after you showed her the proper way to play with her toy. 

*Daddy came home and you were glued to my hip for the moment and said NO NO NO Get away Daddy this Mommy's house. Daddy too big.  This mommy's house.  My mommy. That's right buddy. 1-mommy 0-daddy. 

You also made me smile by hugging your sister many times today which is a vast improvement from yesterday when you hit her in the face with a golf club and busted her lip open. :)  

Ohhhhh boyyyy :) 

We are off to the pool tomorrow! Time for wine and rest :) 

Happy last weekend for my teacher friends!