Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mortified? Embarrassed? Tired? All of the above...

Our terrific Tuesday started at midnight when I woke Emerson up for a bottle.  Beckett and her both had tubes put in this morning so no food after midnight...hence the force feeding.  

My alarm went off at 5 am to get in the shower - I snoozed it twice, obviously...it's summer!

We headed to the Virginia Eye Institute at 6:40 a.m. for the kids' procedures. 

We actually did not have to wait that long, which was a blessing.  We were shown to our pre-op rooms pretty quickly and got vitals.  After Emerson was called a "he" 10 times and our last name was butchered as Roujon (think Moulin Rouge) we were shown to the toy waiting room. 

Emmason was up first and was gone for maybe 5 minutes.  They came and got Beckett (kicking and screaming) and we went to the post-op room to get screaming baby number 1. She was flailing around and bright red...I knew what to expect from Beckett's previous surgery so I was fine. But, they did not let us wait in that room with her and made us go BACK to the toy waiting room until Beckett was finished......so here we go and enter the toy waiting room with 6 sets of eyes on us and our screaming, red, flailing baby. No one could watch finding Nemo, no one could play, and no one got her freaking gender right.  Am I crazy? Does she not look like a precious angel baby girl? Especially in zebra jammies?  Anyways the longest 5 minutes of screaming, people staring at me ensued and finally we got Beckett.  According to the nurse he was as, "mad as a hornet." Super. 

Emerson calmed down in the car and was an angel the rest of the afternoon.  Beckett continued to be mad as a hornet for 4 HOURSSSS until we had cookies and he settled down. 

I *thought* they were going to being tired from the anesthesia and nap for me when we got home so I could clean before Comcast came.....

....and my mom and Comcast rolled in/up the driveway at 2 oclock!  This is a monumental day for us. Mon.u.men.tal.

We have lived in our house for FIVE years without cable....FIVE yearssss and today all that changed. Not like we will be able to enjoy it because Beckett dominates the TV when it's on but I am still very excited and this is a huge deal for my smart, money saving Nealy.  Thank you Neal. I can't wait to indulge in some E! and Bravo. 

Well, as soon as the Comcast guy came in the door Beckett was his shadow and play mate. If he sat, Beckett sat. If he knelt, Beckett knelt. If he went outside to fix wires, Beckett sprayed him with the hose.  If he tried to come in the front door, Beckett slammed it in his face and locked it running away laughing hysterically. I am not even kidding.  Thank God he had a good sense of humor!!!  He was here for 2 hours hooking everything up....I felt really bad he got eaten alive by mosquitos in the back yard - at least I offered bug spray.

As he was wrapping up he said I hope you don't mind my buddy is coming over....what? buddy?  Oh another Comcast guy - phew.  So, they were looking upstairs at Neal's set up that he mounted on the wall with all the routers and modems and crazy stuff.  Pretty impressive.  I had to answer "because my husband is a computer nerd" to every question they had regarding why we have so many routers and cords and crap.  Oh geez - I just don't get it.  I just want a tv. No cords. I hate cords. I especially hate when they had to pull the tv back to add more cords to discover a small pantry had accumulated under the tv consisting of goldfish, crackers, peanut butter, what appeared to be dried sweet potatoes and fruit snacks. 

Even though I felt mortified and embarrassed by my kiddos today they are still the two cutest boys I have ever seen ;) 

I am a lucky momma and can't wait to laugh about this with B one day!  

Have a glass of wine tired mommies! 

~xo Libby  

Friday, July 13, 2012

Reality Check!

Well our week was supposed to go like this....after 3 weeks of blissful vacation *minus the WV end of the world scare* 

Monday ~ Gym, Tuesday ~ CMOR, Wednesday ~ Gym, Thursday ~ CMOR, Friday ~ Gym.

I was SO looking forward to finally using the kids' gym membership that I got Neal for Father's Day and hitting the gym this week.  Well, my kids had other plans that went like this...

Emerson was sick with ear infections and high fevers (104.8) Sunday-Wednesday. Pediatrician and CVS Monday. Nothing Tuesday except trying to pump a baby with the world's WORST gag reflex with Tylenol/Motrin and Antibiotics. I just hold her over the sink now in fear of the upchuck.  My only saving grace was Kimmie coming to take B out of my hair. 

We had our ENT consult Wednesday and both kids need tubes AND the Dr. recommended Beckett have his adenoids removed -  I think we are going to say no to that one. I am not ready for the after effects and risks of surgery without him understanding why he is feeling unwell.  

So, tubes it is but that means at least another year with no antibiotics and proper drainage for both kids. 

Thursday ~ Emerson was on the mend and Beckett slept on the couch for 2 hours - you know what that means....sick.  101.3 fever and yep you guessed it one more kid to puke on me - not just anywhere - this particular incident occurred on the entire left side of my face.  While trying to hose him off in the bathroom I find Gracie trying to eat the puke off the floor and Emerson playing his B's dirty pull up.  Super fun times. Beckett took 3 naps, in turn resulting in a 4:36 AM bed time.  Needless to say, I am beyond exhausted after 6 nights of round the clock care for these 2 kiddos...

I <3 being a mom. Can you tell? 

To top off our week I went to the dentist - I was freaking out because my gums are receding and the sensitivity is getting worse. I know I grind my teeth at night so mouthguard it is for me - expensive but it beats surgery right now. We don't want 3 Routsons having surgery in August!!!

I am ready for a break - to go out, get out, get ready, and just have 5 minutes alone without someone crying "Momma hold you".   

Here's hoping to a better weekend!  

Oh, on to the positive for the week - I read the first two Fifty Shades - life changing I tell ya!  I am excited to see who they cast for the movies - I am sure they will pale in comparison to the books but a mommy can hope!!!

~xo Libby 

Making cookies Monday

Super sick on Thursday

Somethin' bout a truck

Can you believe she has a fever here? Always smiling-my sunshine!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summatime is flyin' by!

Wow! Where do I start? Summer is just flying by and I am so not ready for school to start again in August. 

The kids and I have been gone for 3 weeks with Neal joining us for 1. We are truly soaking up all of this family time together.  It has been a lot of fun!

We went to Yorktown for a week and stayed with Grandma Helen.  I love visiting the YC.  My mother-in-law spoiled us rotten and I was reluctant to leave!  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served everyday and she was a huge help with potty training Beckett!

I also got to see some gfs from high school, which was so great to catch up.  I still can't believe we graduated TEN yearsssss ago.  I had 5 mojitos too many and was paying for it the next morning but my m-i-l came through with coffee, water and aspirin. :) 

After our Yorktown trip we headed home and unpacked/repacked for OHIO. (My favorite state to sing in the 50 states song - if you don't know it I will sing it for you.) 

Neal's dad lives in Cambridge and we really wanted to take Emerson up there to meet the family.  We left on a Wednesday and stopped halfway in West Virginia (Lewisburg).  Trying to book a hotel room was no easy feat - they were all booked.  We finally got a room at the classy Fairfield Inn and I think I slept about 3 hours because I was terrified that bedbugs were going to eat my legs alive.  Thank you sister for making me feel so much better about them.....

We finished our trip Thursday and were happy to be welcomed with open arms (and 4 bottles of Riesling) and just relax.  This was the first vacation Neal had taken since our honeymoon so that was nice for him!  

We practiced saying family member names in the car with Beckett - a lot - we had tons of time to do it with so here is what we have:

Grandma Helen, PopPop (Kim), YaYa, Grandpa (Ralph), Granddad (Gary), Grandma Jennifer, Unc Unc Jason, Aunt Ancy (Nancy), Maddie, Ayden, Uncle Richard (he got that one pretty good)  and Aunt Alexis (still working on it :) 

Friday in Ohio there was a terrible storm - like I have never seen before.   We had just gotten to the Mexican restaurant to celebrate Jason's birthday and the AC wasn't working.  The wind outside was blowing sideways but we were just enjoying the food.  Nancy and Ayden said they heard sirens going off....meh.  No one paid attention.  The restaurant cleared out but apparently we didn't notice and just kept on eating and singing happy birthday!  

The drive home we saw some damage.  I checked my phone that was in the diaper bag and I had a severe weather alert saying TORNADO TAKE SHELTER NOW.  Awesome. I felt like a horrible mother for not having done the proper action during the storm!  

Almost all of Cambridge lost power - EXCEPT for Gary - thank goodness!  We drove through town and saw a TON more damage and it was really devastating. We had already bought tickets to see Magic Mike and HAD to go so we went despite the storm. We only hit a little bitty tree on the way - I have never laughed so hard. 

The rest of our Ohio trip was spent swimming in the pool, eating lots of yummy food, making smores, playing pool and just hanging out. 

When we left Ohio Sunday we had NO CLUE that other states had gotten bad storm damage.  So, our trip through West Virginia was VERY scary.  It took us 5 exits to find gas. NOWHERE had power. When we finally found a gas station with gas we got in the line of 539834 cars and pumped 11 gallons when the pump shut off and ran out of gas. Luckily it was enough to get us to Virginia but every rest area and everything was closed. I just prayed for us to get through that freakin state and I never want to go back again.  

We got home after a 10 hour drive - only a few meltdowns by all 4 family members in the car - and slept like babies. 

Monday morning we packed the truck and headed south for Nags Head. We made a pit stop at the border station for bottle/diaper time.  Beckett was doing such a great job peeing in the potty.  This particular potty though was brown. Ew I know, gross. So the whole time we are in the rest area Beckett is shouting (because he is 2 and can't talk any other way) MOMMY POOPED MOMMY POOPED.  Super fun times. 

We had a great time at the beach - it was the first time all 6 of us (Routson boys and significant others) were together since Richard's wedding!  Emerson loved the sand and Beckett had fun with Grandma and PopPop. We were probably the whitest people leaving the island since we only went the the beach in the mornings - it was so hot and the kids napped in the afternoons.  But, we enjoyed eating out and visiting the aquarium in Manteo.  B wasn't a fan of the fireworks so good thing we only watched them from the deck :)

We came home Saturday and were treated to the Discover Dinosaurs exhibit from my mom.  Beckett LOVED the dinosaurs! 

Today was cleaning, laundry and turn the dining room into a playroom day!!!  Miss Emmason started walking with a push toy - very exciting!!  

We are very fortunate to have these memories with so many of our family members over the last 3 weeks!  We couldn't be more blessed. Love you all <3

~xo Libby