Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rainy Sunday!

My day started with yummy Starbucks, thanks to a friend.  We did a whole lot of cleaning today. Neal and Beckett went to the gym, swimming and had lunch together. Emerson and Sunny had lots of snuggles and enjoyed a game of Hungry Hippos together. Gracie got a good brushing and the clothes are laid out for tomorrow and lunches are packed! Ready for Sunday night shows in my clean living room! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainy Saturday!

We had a relaxing, rainy Saturday. Our day started at MiMi's Cafe for yummy french toast, chocolate chip pancakes, carrot raisin muffins, bacon, eggs, and a goat cheese omelette! SO good. A couple sitting behind us told me that Emerson just made their whole day with her smile. It brought tears to my eyes! She has been the happiest, most smiley  girl since her tubes. She laughs out loud constantly, and waves and says hello to everyone! Then we took the kiddos to CMoR to play for a while. Stopped by Trader Joe's for our weekly stock up and I put dinner in the crock pot. We layed in bed and watched movies. Everyone except for Emerson took a nap! I live for the weekends! In two weeks we'll be in Florida - I can.not.wait!!!! 

MiMi's :)

I also live for laughing cow cheese which goes into everything in my crock pot! This was so yummy! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No. More. Snow.

I am so grateful for the extra time at home with the kids in the winter but the fact that it is taking away from our summer is no bueno. We have missed now 18 days of school due to weather! That is crayyyyyzaaaayyyyy.  

We had a fun day inside yesterday just watching movies, picking up toys, making fun snacks, singing songs.  Today B and E went to school for their Spring Bunny pictures! If they didn't have pictures I would have kept them home - muhuhahaha. I still get to pick Beckett up early for speech though! 

I am going to take every advantage of today to tackle their bedrooms. The toys and clothes are literally busting out of every drawer, bucket, basket, closet - it's nuts.  Hopefully they won't notice that some things might *disappear* today but I have a van full of Goodwill stuff already. I love to purge.  How did we end up with so much stuff over the last 7 years!?!?! 

I am anxious to do some Spring cleaning on this snow day. After I ichat with my sister over some tea. :) 


~Photo dump from our busy Saturday, Art School at LPS, snow day and some of my daily devotionals~ 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We're home again. Because of the snow. Again. Sunday the temperature was  73 and sunny. We went to the park, went for a walk, played in the backyard - it was glorious. 

Now I love being snowed in with my family, drinking hot chocolate, staying in our jammies, playing outside, slow dancing with Nealy to Luke Bryan while the kids peek from the stairs...but when it interferes with Emerson getting her tubes in I am not a happy camper!!!!!!  I am so frustrated with this situation. My poor girl had to get 3 shots last week to get her ears ready for surgery and then it's cancelled!?!  I would have pulled her in the sled to the Eye Institute to have it done. I just want it done.  So now what do I do? Keep her in the house for the next 6 days so she doesn't pick up strep or RSV or a virus?!?  All I can do is pray and wash hands like crazy I guess!  I finished my 24 day challenge (!!!) on Sunday and I am already missing it. I had so much energy while I was on AdvoCare. I am going to take the month off - Neal and I are giving up alcohol for Lent so that should keep the weigtb down ;)- and then I will do another challenge in April! I'm excited. It was definitely challenging but so worth it! 

Today is going to be laundry and do the dishes. Yesterday we vacuumed and made cupcakes for Dad's birthday.  We do it big around here. 

Happy Tuesday!