Monday, May 6, 2013

Change, Challenge and Many Hats

I am taking on a challenge to represent Love in Action.

Yesterday morning at church there were bags of fortune cookies at the end of each row and out of thousands of cookies the ones we got definitely apply to us.  I was actually just thinking about the little girl that I tutor when we opened our cookies - last week was my last tutoring session with her and she has come so far this year but I am also nervous for end of the year testing and how the students will perform etc.  So God gave me the fortune to "Tutor someone for free."  What a great idea!!! I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about having an after school tutoring/study review session before the MP test and hopefully some kids will have transportation to stay after school as soon as I pick a date.  Which time is running out since I only have 9.5 days left of 2nd grade (6th year teaching down)!!!!!

Neal's fortune was to relieve your spouse of home responsibilities for a night.  (In my mind I gave God a high five when Neal opened it.)  Neal turned to me and said OH you're gonna like this one!!! Not that Neal doesn't let me have girls night out but it definitely helps to have the push to make a plan get out and do it.  We spent the rest of the service holding hands with Neal's arm wrapped around me, connected.  I cherish that hour on Sundays.

When we picked Beckett up from his 3 year old class he also got a fortune cookie and his said to donate 5 toys!  We have been working on that today and boy his might be the most challenging!  Every toy I have held up he has a story about it, who gave it to him and he wants to play with it like it's the first time he's ever used it.  His pile has 1 toy so far - ha.  4 more to go!  Maybe after nap he will feel more in the giving, purging mood :)

The last 3 weeks of April flew by as they always do.  The kids were sick for a good 2 weeks and it was miserable.  We had birthday parties & bachelorette/bachelor parties in DC since I last blogged so we have been busy!  Beckett has been a challenge to get him to eat anything recently also. I have to call fish "chicken" and tomato sauce on pasta is "ketchup".  Emerson is seriously catching up to him in height and weight even though she is starting to gag food up lately (must be a texture thing).  I am hoping they are just going through a phase and that is passes quickly!!

Yesterday's sermon really had me reflecting on kindness and loving others.  I want to start giving more, doing more, sharing more! I feel so blessed to have some people in my life who are truly one in a million.  I am very thankful for one of my friends for bringing us dinner while the kids were sick - it was such a huge help and her grace is amazing.   I am also very thankful for a friend who gets me out of the house and trying new things and restaurants (Balliceaux and Sticky Rice)! With her I am not "just a mom" which is a nice feeling to have! I am so grateful for my 2 sister-in-laws who showed Emerson and I great time in DC with their generosity! Very excited for the upcoming bridal shower and wedding! My sister-in-law's parents babysat Emerson and my mother-in-law babysat Beckett and my mom watched Gracie all so Neal and I could have some fun! We are also very lucky to have the sweetest babysitter who likes to have fun with our kids when she's at our home! I have started leaving her my van on some days and she loves to take them to Kangaroo Jac's and the park! It takes a village....Thank you all.

I have also had a really great experience so far with Beckett's speech evaluation process.  The SPED team in Henrico has been amazing and so helpful to work with.  I know he will be getting great services soon and be totally ready for Kindergarten in two years time.  If you are having any doubts about your child's speech and language don't wait to have it checked!

There will be a lot of change happening in our family's future and it can be scary but I am ready to embrace it and try to stay positive and represent love!

Nothing like a little pit stop on 95 to clean up some baby puke!

Uncle Jason and Emerson!

She's not a fan of sleeping away from home!


Beckett enjoying the beach in April!

Teacher twins!

She was fascinated with my shadow at the dr.'s office.

Playing at Short Pump!

First time going putt putt! The course was about 9 holes too long :)

Silly faces mommy!

Cinco de Mayo!

Swinging at Cole's party!

We had a great time!

Who needs a fork?

It's easier to lift weights with this as my view at the gym ;) 

After our yard sale Beckett got to buy this toy he had been eyeing!  And he gave it a big kiss!

Pointing to balloons flying up in the sky!