Monday, September 10, 2012

Focus on the good

Well I was going to blog today about how I blessed out some kids at CMOR who were acting a fool up in there...and how I almost vomited while lifting weights at AmFam because of a sweaty hairy full moon that plopped on the machine in front of me....and how I spent 2 hours cleaning up diarrhea off my living room carpet after Beckett said "I peepee big mess" and pointed to his butt.  Instead....I am going to focus on the good. 

Sunday, Neal and I went to church! My mom watched Beckett so we got to go. We took Emerson because she fell asleep in her carseat. I really do love going to church.  Father R. had a very touching homily as he usually does.  He reflected on September 11th - about a wife who lost her husband and how all she wanted was for God to please let her hear his voice one more time.  After the funeral she was clearing out voicemails and after the fourth one she came to one of her husband reminding her to pay the car insurance so it wouldn't be late. And she wept. 

So of course I started crying.  And as I started crying Emerson woke up and started crying so she and I left in the middle of the homily crying....

Luckily we were the only ones in the bathroom so we dried up our tears and did a lap around the commons before heading back in to mass. 

The rest of the hour and 15 minutes I spent cuddled up to Neal and thinking about what would I do if I lost him.  When we got in the car I said I just could not imagine losing him and I would be such a mess I don't think I would ever get over it and move on.  

He told me, Libby - you would have to. You could not be a nut job in front of our kids.  You would have to suck it up for them.

I get it. And I really would try so hard. But I am sooooooo emotional I just don't know if I could!!!! Thank (you) God I haven't had to find that out yet and hope I neverrrr will.

So, I am just taking a moment tonight to pray for all of those who suffered from that tragic day and to give thanks for all of the blessings in my life.  I am thankful for all of the men and women who serve our country and fight for our freedom.  I am humbled by the spouses who lost their significant others and continue to get up out of bed and smile for their children.

Neal, Beckett and Emerson ~ I love, love, love all three of you so much my heart feels like it could rip open and a million confetti hearts would fly out of it and I am beyond grateful to be here with you each and every single day. 


Monday, September 3, 2012


Agh! September! The THIRD already - this is cray.  Having 2 kids and working part time has made the last month literally zoom by. Blogging for school also means less time on here!

We have been trying to get in the gym as much as possible recently...if you've read one of my earlier posts then you know I am not hiding the fact that I still have 12 lbs. to lose.  Yep...stilllll have 12 lbs. to lose....and Emerson's first birthday is next month.  I can't even blame this stagnant weight on being pregnant. Darn!

My kids hate the KidZone at AmFam. Hate it.  I feel SO guilty dropping Beckett off there....the ladies ooh and aah over Emerson's cute self but my poor B just looks like a fish lost at sea.  He's so quiet in there. Why is he so quiet in there? He is deafening in our house.  I was hoping that him being around other kids a few hours a week at the gym would be a fun interaction!  Starting to doubt keeping him out of preschool this year, as well.  I selfishly kept him home.  I just want to keep the kid as close as humanly possible while I still can!

Our new sitter is working out great. She is young and peppy and bubbly and skinny and she only drinks water. She also empties all the trashcans and washes the dishes. (I always ask Neal when he gets home if he has done these tasks KNOWING it was Miss Heather - haha)  The kids are always happy when I get home and they do art and take walks.  Knock on wood - no one has been sick yet this year which was one of the main reasons for us hiring a sitter.  Thank goodness!!!  Now if she wasn't making my salary it would be perfect :) I know you can't put a price on the happiness and safety of your children but I just can't get over how much sitters run these days!!

We had a great Labor Day weekend - I got to go to Charlottesville on Saturday and had a BLAST wine tasting.  As usual, when alcohol is involved, I tend to get a lil excited and happy and say wayyyyy too many personal things to people I have just met.  I also remembered that Jagged Edge's Let's Get Married is one of my all time favorite songs. Aside from that it really was amazing. The scenery is just gorgeous.   

Took the kids to Kangaroo Jac's Sunday - thank God I wasn't hungover - and did some shopping....Halloween costumes (!!!) and 1st birthday Tutus (SOB) - I cried the whole time.

I made a list of restaurants that I want to try in the Richmond area today - we have lived here for 6 years and have barely ventured out of the Short Pump bubble - travesty I know.  So - we are open to recommendations if you have any!!! Neal's birthday is coming up and I want to take him somewhere delicioussss.  We got some BBQ at Buz and Ned's today and it was actually really good and the kids loved the place and had a great time dancing to the music and attracting attention to our table.

We drove by some dream homes in my 10 year plan after we got ice cream at Bruster's and had an early bath time.

Just feeling very blessed for my 2 beautiful babies - they are the most amazing gifts in the universe and I simply cannot imagine my life without their sweet hugs and contagious smiles.  Happy 4 day week :)

~xo Libby