Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time to weigh in...

I love this movie.  Thinking about this movie makes me smile.  I know every word by heart.  It also makes me remember a time when I was much smaller...

I have never really been "small"'s just not in my genetics.  I am 5'9 and have always had DD's...thank you Ludacris for making up a song about them.  I have never been unhappy with my body until recently. Having several doctors tell you that you have the worst stomach stretch marks they have ever seen doesn't really bode well for your self esteem either.  Just throwin that out there!  (Using Mederma now.)

After I had Beckett the weight came off pretty quickly - I gained 40 pounds with him and lost 30 in the hospital.  After nursing the remaining 10 pounds came off by his 1st birthday.  

BUT when he was 13 months old - obviously - we got pregnant with Emerson.  I only gained 20 pounds with her so I was elated that the weight would come off faster. Wrong-o.  I only lost about 12 pounds in the hospital (8 lbs. 13.6 oz was her).  I was so bummed.  That whole nursing thing helping you lose weight - did not help me.  Granted we had a lot of family visiting and having 2 small babies at home-I was eating what I could easily grab. 

6 months later...I went to the dr. for a sore throat - still had 12 lbs. to lose.  I about fell off the scale - first of all it wasn't really necessary to take my weight for a freakin sore throat but ok fine.  I should have closed my eyes.  After that appt. with a recommendation to have my thyroid examined I decided that this was enough! I do not want to go back to the dr. again in 6 months to have my next thyroid exam and still have 12 lbs. to lose!  (Cysts on thyroid - but all benign - is functioning properly so darn it I can't blame it on that either!)

My mom has been doing weight watchers and it is working awesome for her!  The pounds are falling off and all she is doing is eating!  Crazy!  Go mom!

I need to put my "mommy uniform"  to good use....everyday I wear stretchy pants and tshirts because honestly it's the only thing that fits right now!  Ugh...

I am not at a milestone by any means but a small feat - I have worked out for 4 consecutive days and started each morning with breakfast!  I have never been a breakfast/morning eater but I realize that I have got to get my metabolism going in the morning....I am not a fan but I am going to try it and hopefully it works!   I need support and reassurance and motivation to keep going!!! I know I can do this and lose these 12 pounds!  I think I can, I think I can, I think I it for myself, my kids and my smokin hot hubby. 

I found some fun dance/booty shakin (holla)/ab workouts on You Tube that got me pumped combined with walking.  I have never been this sore - ever.  Even after getting stitches in my hoohah I was not this sore.  It feels amazinggggg!  Thanks for any advice and support.  Let's give this diet and exercise thing a go :) 

~xo Libby 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!!

IT's SPRING BREAK 2012!!! You can find me in the club....bottles full of just kidding. Seriously. I am 28 years old 28 years old. I need to stop acting like a "hood rat" like my brother-in-law likes to call me and start "mommying up" as my husband likes to tell me.

Ok but really I just had a WEEK off school.  Not that big of a deal since I average 10 days of work a month but it was nice to have the added time at home. LYMW! LY!  (shout out)

I was SO excited for my break - I was going to knock out some projects around the house, get my room organized, get clothes together for Good Will, clean, paint, do school work. etc.  What did I do? Not a darn thing.

Monday - I attempted to paint my front doors navy.  I got 5 coats of paint on and said screw this.  The paint is sitting by the door and there is still tape on the door as if I am going to finish in this millenium. Maybe I'll work on that this week....

Tuesday - Friday I realized that I was just going to forego all of my duties and shop, eat, and do whatever I wanted to.  Why? Because it's Spring BREAK!  That's right...I said it...I need a BREAK.

This break was much needed and I actually (believe it or not) learned a few lessons.

1) I can NEVER EVER NEVER EVER be a stay at home mom. Never.  As much as I love my babies - 7 days in this house with ALL 24/7 motherly responsibilities was enough to send me over the edge.  Glad I cleared that up.

2) I simply cannot have a clean house, clean kids, clean dogs. SOMETHING's GOTTA GIVE and I gave up on the clean house, clean kids and clean dog part. After 2 days of cleaning like a maniac and Beckett destroying everything in 30 seconds I decided to just give up.

3) It is OK that my yard and house and kids don't look perfect.  My kids are LOVED beyond measure and truly that is all that matters. They have been so happy this week and I am elated to have spent some awesome quality time with them.  (I am currently still in jammies from 36 hours ago).

Here are some pics - I actually did get some mulch and new plants for in front of the side door and in case you were wondering what I eat (drink) for dinner every night here it is.

Hope you all had a great Spring Break - summer is soon :) xoxo

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Talk

I'm not sure exactly when I made the transition of "adult" talk to "baby" talk but it has happened.  I can no longer talk like an adult. I cannot interact with adults. I have nothing to say. I cannot communicate. My neighbor tried to talk to me this evening about yard work and pets etc. I had nothing. No words.  

As much as I LOVE communicating with my babies in "their" language I have never felt more dumb in my entire life. My brain feels like mush.  Is it because I am staying at home? Is it because I don't read adult books anymore? Is it because I don't get out and socialize anymore?  I don't know what it is but WOW it's getting bad. 

Everything has a rhyme, everything gets repeated, everything has a song or tune and everything ends with -y.  Why? And you better believe I am the master of all noises - my 2 year old son wants everything to make noise so I do it. Fiction/non fiction, living/nonliving - everything makes a noise and I replicate it.  If it doesn't make a noise I magically pull something out my hat of tricks.  In addition to fire trucks, rocket ships, ambulances, cows, sheep, pigs and dinosaurs ... fish and butterflies make noise in this house. 

I wish I had a recording of myself all day long - no wonder I am going crazy!  Here are some examples:

(in the highest octave imaginable while Emerson is rolling over, sitting up, smiling, - you name it I say it) OH MY GOODNESS YOU GETTING TO BE THE BIGGEST GIRL EVERRRRR!!!!!  BIGGEST GIRUHL! YOU SO PRECIOUS MY LIL COOCOOCOOCOO! AH GOOGOOGAAGAA!

And here are some of my new vocabulary words aka the last 30 minutes of my conversation with Beckett - never spoken in more than a 3 word sentence:
Peepee, potty, potty-seat, potty-treat, poopoo, sit, stand, yes please, no thank you, jumpy, bouncy, hoppy, share please, boo boo, ouchie, oh no, SLOW DOWN,  I sowwy, wibbit, Barney? Elmo? Barnyard Dance, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Milk, Juuuuiiiice, Beckett's turn? Mommy's turn? Sister's turn? my ipad, twuck, balls, clean up clean up everybody everywhere,  powder-aaahhh, bath bath, LALALALLALA, I wead it - you wead it. Banky, where is banky? BANKYYYYYYY (blanky) 

I feel like I am taking crazy pills!! Am I the only one out there who feels like this?
Time for mommy to get some of mommy's "juice" and go night night.