Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh B, how I love thee...

Beckett the 4 year old is full of so many cute phrases lately!  Just wanted to remember these....

While watching Little Einsteins the characters said to follow rocket - B replied, "Ok but not too far. I can't be too far away from my mommy and daddy and Emmason and Gwacie and Sunny."

O.M.G. My heart grew.

Then a funny one - I was SO excited to pick him up from preschool because it is snowing again!!!!! But, B did not share in my excitement.  He responded, "Aw man. I don't like winter. I want summatime. I want to play in the waterrrrrrrr! I like water."

Maybe we will have to break out the swimming suits and hit the gym pool soon for my little love B!


PS - Bring on the snow!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I love my family!!!!

We had a really fun day at the Children's Museum! I am just so in love with my cute family and we are enjoying our day together before the busy week starts. Cannot wait to have less busy weeks next year! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch - Beckett was screaming at the nascar race on tv-  it was hilarious! Emerson enjoyed her salad and sweet tea, such a lil southern lady! ;) Almost Bachelor Wedding time!!!!

Pretend play in the Silver Diner :)

Her cast is not slowing her down!
Carousel ride selfie! She had to ride the kitty cat. ;)


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow week photo dump!

The past seven days have been a whirlwind! I went to Yorktown for my friend's birthday. It's always nice to visit a place that is so comfortable and familiar. I miss it some days! We had a three day weekend for MLK Jr. Holiday and my mom was off work so she took us out to lunch. Then we got snowwwwwed in for the rest of the week! No school for 4 days! We left the house to go to the pediatrician (double ear infections for E) and we went to the orthopedic dr. since E fell and fractured her leg while running around the house with B. Never a dull moment! Went out to lunch with Kim and sweet Jack on Friday. Today I had a quick workout and we did a project for Beckett's class. I am so sad about returning to work on Monday! Looking forward to watching Sean and Catherine's wedding tomorrow night!!!! That and Spring Break ;)



They love their new sleeping bags from Gma!

Did some rearranging!

Best snuggle ever. 

Dinner and a little love note for my Nealy.

Love these sweet faces!!!! Gonna be so hard to leave them next week!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 3 of rainy cloudy stomach bug....

Silly goose cuddling after our Florida Georgia Line dance party...

Thank God for this tent providing some entertainment during this yucky weather.
Providing more entertainment today was Emerson dressing herself and getting into the toothpaste supply...

We have got to get out tomorrow! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sunny on a rainy day!

We adopted a kitten over Christmas! Emerson had been asking for a kitty and when my sister came - aka the queen of fostering - we visited some shelters and found one kitten in the whole area! We didn't take her home that day and when we went back she was gone... Neal was still unsure. I was so bummed.

So, my aunt, cousin and I went to Trader Joe's to get a few grocery items and we popped in PetCo and there were 5 kittens! 3 families were already filling out paperwork so I jumped in line and there was a foster holding a sweet tortie kitten in her arms. We literally locked eyes and well she was ours after that! She let me hold and cuddle her right away. She wasn't affected by noise or what was going on in the store at all. She just enjoyed being held. Her fosters did a wonderful job litter box training and bottle feeding the kittens. Her name was Toffee but Beckett called her Sunny and it just stuck! Her fosters were teary eyed when we said goodbye so I knew we were really adopting a special one! 
So we brought her home on December 28th. 

I was apprehensive about the kids allergies but so far they have been perfect!!! Sunny doesn't shed as much as Saber did so that is helpful! She is just as sweet as she can be. The kids carry her around and she lays with them. She loves to follow Neal wherever he goes and loves to cuddle with me in the bed which is especially nice on rainy afternoons like today! (And Neal is the most smitten with her!) 

We are so blessed by the happiness this kitten has brought our family! We love you Sunny! Now we need to get back to our nap ... 

Happy-ish 2014!

Welcome to a New Year! Just turned 30 and just figured out that there's a blogger app ...

So I hadn't blogged all last summer because I turned my computer in to school and we were gone ... On 7 trips! 

Now that I can blog from my phone I hope to be doing so more often!

My best friend Kim over at 


Is doing a photo everyday on her blog for 2014! I am not as ambitious as she is, however, I am going to blog at least once a week with a photo dump!

On a side note has anyone else had to use baby wipes because the toilet paper ran out? Just checking... The bathroom is usually my "safe place" in the house where I can get a few minutes of quiet time!  Lookin like wet wipes today! 

Happy New Year!!! Some of our highlights in 2014 already are ringing in the New Year (well very close to midnight) with the Wilsons, going to Nashville with my husband, sister and brother in law, turning 30, having a broken sink and broken toilet at the same time, freezing temps, 2 hour delays and getting the stomach virus! Woo hoo! Never a dull moment! 

Our new family member, Sunny!

The Parthenon 
Taylor Swift's condo!

Grand Ole Opry!
Do we have anything in our teeth?
Our hotel! Courtyard Marriott Downtown!
NYE and opening presents with my bff - yeah we got each other the same thing!!