Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sunshiny Afternoon!

I was SO bummed when I woke up to rain this morning - that meant I could not get my vacuuming done because Gracie would try to shred the vacuum cleaner to bits.  If I put her in another room she barks like crazy.  Sigh.  So we did laundry and got dinner in the crock pot because ain't nobody got time to cook.  Emerson took an early nap because she is teething and cranky.  Beckett did not nap today - the joys of three.

But, I was SO excited when the rain stopped, and the clouds disappeared and the SUN came out!!! Wow was it gorgeous today - it was - dare I say - HOT! Ok maybe I was sweating because I had to roll the trash to the curb.  I put the kids in their rain boots and let them play outside and they had a ball.  Best of all a FIRETRUCK drove down our street and all the firefighters smiled and waved at Beckett.  He then wanted to turn the water hose on and spray everything like a firefighter - my cue to come in.

Now the kids are relaxing, dinner's ready and  I did get to vacuum .... we're just missing Nealy :)

I have been going back and forth so much about working next year it is eating me alive.  I will continue to pray about it and hopefully some clarity will come very soon!

Love this Dolly Parton quote and my 2 reasons for smiling so much each day!  xo

Two peas in a pod

They can get away with running around naked now...


She could have done this all day!


Chicken sausage from Costco with onions, peppers, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic & evoo (lil flour to thicken)  4 hours on low :)