Sunday, December 16, 2012

My baby boy's 3!!!!!

Beckett Adam Routson
December 17th, 2009
1:05 a.m.
8 lbs. 2 oz.
21 inches long
St. Mary's Hospital

It's crazy how that information is my whole life, my whole world. It all started with that.  Well it really all started at 5 am on December 16th. My alarm went off at 5 am to get up and get ready for school.  I had my 39 week appointment that day and it was my Kindergarten class's holiday party that day.  I only had 1 more day to go until Winter Break!
But, when I woke up I knew something wasn't right. I just felt different.  I was having contractions but didn't know it at the time.  So, I called Dianna and Melissa to let them know that I thought I was in labor.  They were both so excited and I was just in shock.  My sister was staying with us at the time so she was talking me through the whole process. But for me step number one was shower, hair, make up.  If I was going to meet the man of my dreams at some point I wanted to look somewhat put together! So, I got all that done and went in to my appointment at 2:00.  All I had eaten that day was a nutri grain bar - huge mistake - and I was wearing a velour track suit and rainbows on my fat feet.  I honestly didn't think I was going to have Beckett that night. I don't know what I was thinking but Neal was definitely caught off guard.  When I saw my Dr. she affirmed that yes I was in labor and if I wanted to walk over to labor and delivery that she would break my water and get things rolling.  Thank God Kay was there to help me make that decision!  We decided - why not? Might as well get the ball rolling!
So, I walked over there, got hooked up, called Neal (!!!) and had my water broke!  The IV hurt like a bia!  Once the contractions got worse I had an epidural put it in and was able to nap for a couple hours. Around 11:00 pm I woke up and was fully dilated and ready to start pushing.  By that point the epidural had worn off and it was too late to get another one - yikes.  If y'all know me then you know that nothing about me is "natural" so I had no desire to do THAT all natural! But, I started pushing, and 2 hours later - a terrified husband and supportive sister - I pushed that kid out at 1:05 am!!!!!

I will never forget that rush of emotions and everything leading up to that moment of seeing him for the first time.  He had the cord wrapped around his neck twice so the nurses took him at first and got him situated before I could hold him.  While he was getting cleaned up mommy got stitched up - holy geez that was almost worse than the labor to me!!! But kissing his perfectly round head for the first time was the best moment of my life.

That first day was a blur between the nurses, dr.s, photographer, pediatrician etc.  He had jaundice so had to be kept under the lights, which was torture for me, and when they took him to have his circumcision I thought my heart was going to break in half!  Obviously he is fine now but I did not want to let him go!! While we were in the hospital it started to snow, and snow, and snow.  We watched from our windows in the ante-partum wing (post partum was full...full moon) so we were the only people in ante-partum with a baby!  Needless to say we were STUCK in the hospital until the 20th with pretty much nothing - no food (cafeteria was closed) no clothes and no one could get in or out the ice was so bad.  Definitely a 5 days to remember :)

3 years later I can honestly say that Beckett, my buddy, my muffin, my amazing son is the absolute most hysterical part to ALL of my days, the biggest smile that comes to my face, the best hugs I could have ever imagined receiving. We dance, sing, and play every day.  You are my "helper too" and my favorite words that you say to me are "mommy hold you." I will always hold you, baby.

Beckett - you are the funniest, smartest, most creative, loving little boy I have ever known and I am honored to be your mommy.  Thank you for making my life, my heart and my soul completely happy and full.  Happy 3rd Birthday B!!!

"Son, what's your hurry boy, slow it down. Taste the wild honey. Listen to the sounds of the wind that's blowing through the trees. Rivers flow in to the seas. Yeah they're all headin' home just like you and me. Life's for livin' child can't you see that these are the days we will remember. These are the times that won't come again. The highest of flames becomes an ember and you've gotta live 'em while you can. So, take 'em by the hand, they're yours and mine."

All About Beckett at Age 3 ~ 12.17.12 ~ 

Favorite Song: Jingle Bells
Favorite Show: Max and Ruby
Favorite Food: Cookies
Favorite Toy: Thomas the Tank Engine
Favorite Pretend Game: Playing Chef
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book: Things That Go
Bed Time: 8:00
Proudest Accomplishment: Peeing and Pooping in the potty - high five!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The woes of holiday shopping...

I can do this. I can take 2 kids shopping. How difficult can that be? I just need to get a few things - in and out. No problem.

WRONG.  What freaking planet did I think I was living on?

Stop 1 - World Market for K cups - the first debacle there was that you could not push a cart up and down the aisles because they were all blocked by boxes.  Seriously.  So after running into about 10 displays and no luck finding K cups after rude customer service we checked out.  I did get Neal some wasabi almonds for his stocking because he loves them.   At the checkout the lady tells me my total is 34 dollars - I'm sorry for almonds?? Oh no, no that would include a firefighter whistle, chocolate coins, a pez dispenser and a jingle bell.  I'm sorry HOW IN THE HECK did Beckett sneak all that past me and hand it to the check out lady without me noticing?!?! Maybe I missed it because I had to stop and pick Emerson's shoes up off the floor every 30 seconds because she kept kicking them off?  So after I bought all of that crap we were on to stop 2. (I realize I shouldn't have bought all that but there was a line behind me and I just wanted to get out at that point.)

Stop 2 - Bed Bath and Beyond for K cups - first of all let me just say this is the most dangerous store in the entire world.  Why are there 17 foot tall displays of everything that could be made out of glass? Who thought that was a good idea?  After getting something else for Neal (he is so done now) and my mom we found the K cups with the HELP of an associate - they were actually friendly to me - maybe a little too friendly since the guy ran into the wall while trying to help me and stumble/tripped over a ladder. Who knew I still had it?  So we get to the check out with our gifts and Emerson is trying to stand up in the cart - the buckle is broken so I can't buckle her in - and the lady behind us is loudly saying "OH SIT DOWN - YOU ARE MAKING ME NERVOUS - WHY AREN'T YOU BUCKLED IN?!" Lady - you obviously don't have children and my 13 month old can't respond to you yet.  The only thing making me nervous is you freaking out that she is going to I tell Emerson to sit on her butt and she does and we leave.

Stop 3 - Steinmart for 2 things.  As soon as we get in the door Beckett takes off towards the back.  They don't have carts so I had Emerson in the stroller and was praying to the Holy Trinity that Beckett would stay beside me.  Nope.  He made his way to the Christmas decorations and proceeded to touch everything breakable.  I took his hand and very lovingly led him to the front of the store grabbed 2 pair of earrings after he spun the jewelry stands like we were on the Wheel of Fortune show, grabbed the first scarf I saw and checked out pretty quickly there - no lines. Phew.

Last Stop 4 - AC Moore for tissue paper and a couple secretary gifts.  The first thing to the left when you walk in are Christmas pens/pencils etc.  So, Beckett grabs a 12 inch blue Santa pen and stabs me in the leg with it and starts laughing hysterically.  Since the pen broke my skin we had to buy it.  I reminded Beckett that was not nice and I was expecting him to be a good listener because this was our last stop.  So, we got the tissue and gifts and got in the check out line.  2 people in front of us and Emerson starts screaming for no reason at all and proceeded to do so for 5 minutes until it was our turn. Beckett exclaimed he was tired and LAID DOWN in the aisle, closed his eyes and said he was going to sleep.  Emerson is still screaming, I am smiling and the check out lady decides to have a conversation with Emerson about her crying and telling her "I know this is taking so long and you are ready to go aren't you? Oh don't rub your face that will make it red and you don't want to ruin that cute face!" LADY IF YOU WOULD SHUT UP AND CHECK ME OUT WE COULD GET OUT OF HERE FASTER.  Why do people try to talk to someone who CAN'T TALK BACK?!? Drives me nutssss.  So, she checked me out and it took everything in me not to drag Beckett out of there by his foot because he would not get up.  I had to bribe him with the blue pen he stabbed me with while carrying him out of the store under my arm horizontally across the parking lot.  

We are home. They are both napping.  Thank you Jesus for getting me through this morning. I am never going shopping again and I need some Aleve. 

Monday, December 10, 2012


So, before I had kids, I used to have a lot more time to hang out with Kim.  We do still hang out but not as often as I'd like since we don't teach at the same school anymore, and I usually have to bring one or more child/children with me when we do.  We got some awesome bonding time over pedicures on Saturday (thank God because her toes were going to scare the nurses in L&D) and I just seriously can't believe how fast the time is going.  We have been best friends for over 10 years and it seems like just yesterday we met in Seminar living in Curry...

I don't know if it's the fact that we share a birthday, or that our baby boys EDD's are 1 day apart but we have always been in sync and I am just SO over the moon that she is having a baby boy too that I cry whenever I think about it.  I have my babysitter on speed dial to get over here as soon as Kim goes into "real" labor!!! I can't wait to hold Jack - I have been wishing kids on the Wilsons since 2009 when I got pregnant.  I'll never forget calling Kim in April 2009 - I was sitting on my deck and I had just found out I was pregnant. She was the first person I called. The sun was shining on that Saturday and it was early but she answered and I just could not help but thinking how lucky I was to be pregnant and able to share all of the ups and downs with her as we have since we met. Fast forward 3 and 1/2 years later you are a constant positive person in both of my kid's lives and they love you dearly, Aunt Timmie.

Now that she is going to be a mom too I am sure I have given her MORE advice than she ever cares to know or hear but I just can't help it! There's so many things that no one tells you THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! (like it's ok to poop on the table and stitches are going to hurt like a mother) But the most important thing is just how much your life is about to change for the better Kimmie, I am so happy for you and Curtis.  Jack is going to be so loved (more so by me than anyone) and I can't wait to have play dates and for our kids to be best friends forever, too.

So, come on Jack - I am ready for you and please come out before I go to Florida or I will cry some more.   I am ready to come have a sleep over with you so your mom and dad can get some shut eye. We can stay up til 2 am and cuddle on the couch because I am pretty sure you are going to be a knock out in the looks department.

Anyways, before we get all wrapped up in Jack being here I do want to tell you this, Kim...

One of the things that makes Christmas complete is having special people in our lives. And no one is more special to me than you are - you're the closest friend I have in all the world. Ours is a friendship that's grown through all we've been through together - all the high points, low points and changes in between.  You've consoled me, encouraged me and shared a lot of laughter with me.  It's no wonder you're my best friend - and one of my happiest reasons for celebrating at Christmas and our birthday :)

Love you Kimmie and welcome to Mommywood :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

"UPDATE yours"

Is what I got in an e-mail from my bff yesterday....I know I have been slacking on the blog and today it feels like I am slacking on life in general :)

I am sitting in the kitchen looking out the window at the 2 neighbors behind me and they are:
1. showered/dressed/hair fixed
2. hanging laundry out on the lines
3. having a conversation

Hit those brakes people.  It is 9:35 - I am in my pj's with mouth guard still intact, have not spoken more than 5 words in two hours and am avoiding the overflowing hampers in my laundry room like the plague.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Why can't I get up and get ready and do laundry and have conversations?

I am just not a morning person on my days off.  I intend to clean the house today and do all the laundry and shower at some point if one or both of my kids take a nap but I am just in slow mo.....

I actually have no excuse for being tired today.  Beckett was with Grandma Helen this weekend and Neal and I slept for 9 hours Friday and Saturday was GLORIOUS.  We got to go out to eat and finish our meal IN THE RESTAURANT, go to Target without buying a toy car,  have some alone time and I got to hang out with Kimmie 2 days in a row!  Thank you Emerson for being a champion sleeper and thank you Grandma Helen for giving us a break!

I did stay up to watch the Walking Dead and finish grading some papers Sunday night though so I'll blame it on that :)

I am so excited for December.  JACK will be born, Beckett's 3rd birthday, Neal and I's 13th anniversary, and our trip to Florida!!!  Just 8 work days stand between winter break and I!!!!!

Better stop gawking at the neighbors and do something :(  Here's some photos from Thanksgiving weekend to catch up :)

                                        Transitioning to CUPS with milk - no more bottles :(

And this last one was out to dinner Saturday night :) She was givin' someone the sassy eye!