Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Loving this month!

We have truly been living life to the fullest this month! Last week we celebrated Emerson's 3rd birthday!! It was perfect - streamers, flowers, balloons, cake, presents and Chick Fil a with her best friend, Brady. She was ecstatic about every little thing. My kinda birthday!!! 

Shopping with Grandma Helen and Pop Pop's money!

  We had an awesome weekend with 3 soccer games and a trip to Busch Gardens with our dear friends. We laughed so much my throat was killing me! It has been awhile since I have ridden roller coasters and wow did I miss them! I have been volunteering in B's class and started working out with a personal trainer - ouch. But I need it!! I have no reason not to be fit so I'm excited to start working out harder.  We are enjoying the Children's museum and the park a couple times a week also! 

Here are our pics from the last week! Fall weather is simply gorgeous! 

Beckett being Morgan's goalie! 

Her birthday present is a lifesaver while B is in speech!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October is flying by!

We are having so much fun this month! It truly is the best! I got some much needed girl talk time in Friday night over some yummy margaritas and wings. Sunday we headed into our amazing stay in NC at Great Wolf Lodge. My sister had NO idea we were coming - surprising her was the happiest moment I am still smiling about it! The kids had a great time - there was so much for them to do! The water park alone was enough but the pumpkin decorating, story time, bowling alley, arcade etc. it was perfect. You really don't need to leave the hotel! I miss my sister already - our time together always goes too fast but totally worth it. 

We had a perfect weather day for the pumpkin patch today thanks to YaYa! Beckett was a little bummed we couldn't bring home the big, giant pumpkins but we had a lot of fun. The maze was a little claustrophobic but the hay ride and kid activities were perfection!! 

Tonight Kim and I went to Nordstrom to do some shopping for our blogger scarf swap! 

Looking forward to staying home tomorrow and relaxing and catching up on laubdry and maybe putting these suitcases away for a little bit. ;) 

Cracker Barrel stop!