Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break!

We had a fantastic week in Florida! Family, fun, sun, beach - it was perfect. I am looking forward to being a SAHM even more next year now!  We went to the museum of science and history, did lots of sight seeing - there are so many different areas of Jacksonville. St. Augustine beach was beautiful. We went to karaoke and Kay rocked some Dixie Chicks!  

We ate amazing food on this trip. Whoa. Matt bbqed on Sunday and it was delicious. We went to an awesome mexican place in St. Augustine. We went to Poe's tavern for the best burgers we have ever had. We also couldn't miss Whitey's Fish Camp.  Oh my gosh I am full just thinking about all of the food we ate!

The cousins played so well together. I wish we lived closer because those 4 are the cutest kids and they pair off and are good for hours! The boys got a little stomach bug and Emerson got some sunburn and fell off the tree house but such is life. :) The kids had fun at Dad's feeding the turtles and geese. 

Most of all we got to enjoy the company of our bffs, Kay and Matt. How blessed are we that our family is also our best friends?! 

See you soon Florida :) 34 school days left! Counting down!