Sunday, February 23, 2014

We went to the zoo!

With the weather forecast looking beautiful this weekend we decided to head to DC to take the kids to the zoo. Beckett has been wanting to see the baby panda. Well the wait to see Bao Bao was an hour long but we still got to see some other animals, including the adult panda. Thanks to Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jason for a fun day! 

Best view in the zoo!

It was so nice to get out for the day with these cuties! 


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Hearts

When I was pregnant with Beckett I was a little obsessed with Carrie Underwood's song "This Time." Every time I heard it I was reminded of the sweet boy growing in my belly and how lucky Neal and I were. As the years have gone by, way too fast, I still love to sing this song to Beckett.  He literally has my heart busting at the seams every day. And now that we have Emerson too it is just even sweeter. Even on days like today when she is puking with a fever I still have to pinch myself that they are mine. Life is short, love is sweet and there ain't no time like this time....

We had a Happy Valentine's Day snowed in AGAIN!! (Loving it - not complaining.)  Neal is the best. I had already bought the kid's Valentines a couple of weeks ago so I was surprised when I came downstairs to find more Valentines for the kids from Neal.  The kids were opening their presents and he said to read them their cards. Well I read one sentence and sobbed out "I can't read this!" Then I started laughing but seriously. I have to write these on the blog because I want the kids to know their sweet daddy's words.

Here is Emerson's:

"Emerson, I am not worried about you. You will grow up to be a very strong and smart woman.  I love you so much. I know you have a loving heart and you are the sweetest girl I have ever known (don't tell your mother.) Happy Valentine's Day girl. You are growing up too fast. I love you - Dad."

and Beckett's
"Beckett, Happy Valentine's Day B-Bud! Words can't explain the amount of love I have for you. You are the most caring person I know. I hope that you grow up to be the same you are now. Whomever is lucky enough to have you will be okay for me. I love you more than I could ever write. I love you - Dad."

I mean come on - I cried again just typing those!  I won't write what my card said. ;) This Valentine's Day (our 15th together!) was the best one I have ever had, hands down!


More snow! "It's awot of snow storm on the street, Sunny."

Monkeying around!

Chocolate for breakfast!

Beautiful roses - totally surprised me!

Strawberry smoothies!


Sick girl :( 

Lots of rest and relaxation this weekend for my poor E. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

That makes me happy...

Emerson had a difficult week being a 2 year old! She communicates very well and knows what she wants but her frustration level has been just over the top lately. She had an incident report 4 days this week at school for pushing, hitting, biting and scratching. I am just baffled since Beckett did not do those things I don't know how to handle the behavior. Two totally different kids and I am not comparing them I just need help with this chick! Friday she had the best day ever, according to her teacher! When I picked her up she was so excited to tell me how good she was and she looked at me very serious and asked "does that make you happy mommy?" Holy bring me to my knees. Why does my 2 year old want to make me happy?! She amazes me but definitely made me realize how much my reactions have an affect on her. So we had a fun weekend and I tried so hard to be very patient and positive and extra loving with her. Let's hope this continues for both of us and we have a kisses and hugs kind of Valentine's week! 

I love you my sweet Emerson! So proud of you for getting your cast off this week! 

Waiting at the ear dr. 
At the orthopedic dr.
She stared at her foot for a good 5 minutes! 
First bath in 2 weeks!
Fun Saturday at the pool for all 4 of us!
Beckett loved being in the deep end with daddy!
Beckett and Neal went to see Legoland movie so Emerson got some sweet snuggle time in with Sunny.

P.S. Rent Labor Day on DVD if you want to see some amazing acting! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

We are so spoiled!

Another week with snow and we stayed home from school for 3 days!!! My kids are getting so used to me being home - just practicing for next year ;).  Beckett ran into our bedroom this morning, as he always does, and yelled to Neal "Is mommy home?!" and Neal mumbled "yeah" (It was 5:29 am) and Beckett fist pumped a loud "YESSSSSSSSSS." Yeah, my kids love me - feeling's mutual kiddo.

We had fun on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday playing in the snow, doing things around the house, working in Beckett's preschool work book and trying to keep Emerson off her cast!  It has started rubbing behind her leg and she gets really upset if you put a bandaid on any part of her body! Just falls out over it - my little diva. <3

Saturday, Neal and I got a babysitter (gasp) for the day! We got to start celebrating Valentine's Day early this year! We went downtown and tried to get into the Black Sheep but the wait was ridiculous so we went to Legends and had some beers and talked over lunch.  It's hard to believe this is our 15th Valentine's together.  We were holding hands and he said "Are you getting tired of me yet?" Not even close homie.  We are in a really good place right now.  I am trying harder than ever to work on our marriage being first, which can be difficult to do with a 2 and 4 year old in the house, but it is so rewarding. Love really is the greatest gift.

We went on a family walk last night since it was finally warming up outside and a lady passed us in her SUV, stopped, reversed, rolled down her window and shouted at us "All y'all need is another kid and another dog! hahahaha" OH NO, no thank you lady - we have our hands full already.  It gave us a good laugh but we probably looked like quite a sight with a wagon, a bike and a 100 lb. lab pulling us along. :)

Here are our weekly photos!  Phil saw his shadow today so maybe we'll get lucky with a few more days at home in February!


Snow days! Such a good big brother!

 She wanted to try the snow and icicles. "I wike it!"

 Beckett has been busy in his workbook and he made dinner one night!

 Thank God for this trampoline in days we can't get outside! 

 I love walking in our neighborhood - the covered bridge and lake never get old!

 Trying to console my baby who couldn't go swimming in the frozen lake. :(

 Sponge bath time!

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